• Three Different Pongs

    I’m learning JavaScript and jQuery this week. To challenge myself, I decided to try to make a pong game in my browser. I ended up making three versions of the game. One using the DOM, another using pure JS, and a third in Processing. None of them are totally finished, but the basics are there.


  • HTML Forms are Boring

    I’ve taught myself lots about HTML and CSS. Although it can be really finicky, I really enjoy getting it right, but forms are boring. I haven’t taken the time to memorize each type of input or how to style buttons. There’s no glamour in a good, accessible form.


  • Responsive iframe CSS

    NOTE: Looks like the soloution below will fix most videos but not YouTube. Check out this solution from CSS Tricks that uses a wrapper div around the iframe.


  • Arrays vs Hashes in Ruby

    This weekend I created a small, Ruby CRM application that stores contact information. You can check out my code on GitHub. While I was building this app, most people were using an array to store their contact information, but I wanted to use a Hash. I kew that theoretically Hashes are fster than Arrays, but I didn’t know why.


  • Mars Rover

    The Mars rover problem goes like this: you have write a program that can deploy rovers that will accept a series of commands to navigate a grid. The rover can only move forward or turn. It cannot move diagonally or move sideways. The rovers move through a grid aligned to the cardinal directions & the bottom left hand corner of the grid is (0, 0).


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